Hotel full of stories - Seehotel Enzian am Weissensee in Carinthia

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Seehotel Enzian am Weissensee

In the Seehotel Enzian at the Weissensee

Such hotels as the Seehotel Enzian am Weissensee in Carinthia, Austria we love! These are the ones who tell stories. Of people, of events and even of animals. The Seehotel Enzian on Weissensee is full of it. I could only have listened to the stories of Mrs. Cieslar during the two days we spent there. She is the owner of the hotel.



Who has not stayed at this historic hotel on the whole Weissensee in Carinthia! Opera singers, castle actors, politicians. Even Konrad Adenauer's daughter travels every year to spend her vacation at the Weissensee. The most famous guest was Timothy Dalton. He spent several weeks with his film crew at the Seehotel Enzian am Weissensee in Carinthia spent. Here he shot the ice skating scenes for the James Bond film "A Breath of Death".

The house dog as a house friend of prominent guests

But not he is particularly remembered by Mrs. Cieslar, but by Albert R. Broccoli. The producer of the film had fallen in love with the hotel dog, Askar. He sent him some food every day. The dog had become so dear to his heart that he promised to send him a special dog food from home.



The Seehotel Enzian am Weissensee from the water
The Seehotel Enzian am Weissensee in Carinthia from the water


Weeks passed. “But one day our postman was at the door. He had a registered package for Askar Cieslar with him, ”laughed Ms. Cieslar. "It wasn't until I made it clear to him that it was our dog that I was allowed to sign for the package," she says with a smile in her eyes. “The package contained the dog food for Askar. He sniffed it. From then on, he left it alone. We finally fed it to our neighbour's cows. Of course we didn't tell Mr Broccoli about this, ”she explains impishly.


In the Seegarten of the Seehotel Enzian am Weissensee
In the Seegarten of the Seehotel Enzian am Weissensee


Ice skating on Weissensee

A photo wall in the lobby of the Seehotel Enzian on Lake Weissensee reminds guests and events in the hotel. I notice a photo of the frozen lake. Dozens of skaters whiz across the ice. “These are Dutch people who come to Weissensee every year. They have their skating races here, ”she laughs. I look at her in astonishment. “Ice skating races from the Dutch at Weissensee in Austria?” I ask her in amazement. "Yes," says Ms. Cieslar. “In Holland the waterways hardly freeze anymore. Therefore, they can no longer do their traditional ice skating races. That's why entire villages from Holland travel to Lake Weissensee every winter. Here they run their 200 km race. Like it used to be in Holland. ”A crazy world, right?


Coffee and cake at the Seehotel Enzian
Coffee and cake at the Seehotel Enzian


Enjoyment at the Seehotel Enzian

On another wall hang thank-you letters, self-written poems and photos of guests who want to thank the Seehotel Enzian am Weissensee for a stay. On one, a guest describes in a witty poem how emaciated and on vacation arrives in Weissensee. There you pimp him up. Finally, he drives around, recovered and satisfied from the holiday home. We can understand his feelings after only two days at the Seehotel Enzian.


Our room at the Seehotel Enzian am Weissensee
Our room at the Seehotel Enzian Weissensee

So we spend the night in the Seehotel Enzian Weissensee

The partly dignified-elegant and rustic furnishings in country house style give us a pleasant feeling of living. You can tell that the Seehotel Enzian am Weissensee has long been home to guests. Lovingly placed paintings, bakeware, metal watering cans testify to the history of the house. Chests, chests of drawers and cabinets complete this. Everywhere in the hotel, you can tell that this hotel is a true host. This provides a feeling of welcome and security.


Rustic chest in the Seehotel Enzian am Weissensee
Rustic chest in the Seehotel Enzian Weissensee


Pure peace

We sleep wonderfully in our small and quiet room, which looks out to the mountainside. No street noise disturbs us, and we do not get anything from the other guests of the hotel. It is comfortably furnished with its floral curtains and comfortable armchair. Every day, sauna towels decorate our newly made bed in a different way. To try out the sauna itself, we lack the time. But we visit them and the hotel garden on the lake - a small, private paradise for the hotel guests. Those lucky enough to sleep in one of the suites can enjoy a wonderful view of Lake Weissensee.


Seesauna at the Seehotel Enzian am Weissensee
Seesauna at the Seehotel Enzian Weissensee


You can book a room or a suite at the Seehotel Enzian Weissensee here:

Seehotel Enzian am Weissensee
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9762 Weissensee
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Inviting, right
Inviting, right


A garden by the lake

I particularly liked the garden on the lake, which ends in a natural reed. Here I would like to spend a whole day, listening to the reeds, keeping the sea breeze moving and enjoying the sun, which is still warm from the sky at the beginning of September. Now and then a bee buzzes around me, and butterflies drift in the wind. Again and again the sunbeams flash through the reeds, causing dancing light on the lake. That's how I imagine paradise. Or the perfect place to slow down.


This is what you need for your spa stay

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beef carpaccio
beef carpaccio
Ginger carrot soup
Ginger carrot soup
Pork medallions at the Seehotel Enzian am Weissensee
Pork medallions at the Seehotel Enzian am Weissensee


The kitchen at the Seehotel Enzian Weissensee

Another reason to enjoy your stay at the Seehotel Enzian on Lake Weissensee is the tasty cuisine. At breakfast we can choose our main course at dinner from two suggestions. There are several starters, a dessert and cheese from the board. One evening, we enjoy beef carpaccio with frico, arugula and walnuts, ginger and carrot soup and salads from the buffet as starters. For the main course I choose pork medallions from Grill with french fries, corn, tomato and zucchini. Petar prefers the roasted pikeperch fillet on vegetable farfalline with basil pesto. And for dessert there is "Schönbrunn" curd cream. The cook at the Seehotel Enzian on Weissensee knows how to make her guests enthusiastic.

Good restaurants on the Weissensee can also be found here.



What you can do at Weissensee

The Weissensee promises rest and relaxation. There are hiking trails that lead along the lake. Pack the backpack a. Lovely Hikes at the Weissensee introduces Janine in her blog. There is also a large selection for mountain hikers. We were with one electric boat on the lake On the way. You can row out onto the lake. Or just enjoy the lake at a spa and enjoy the fresh air and stillness. What do you think of Excursions to other Carinthian lakes?

After two nights, we say goodbye to the Seehotel Enzian on Weissensee. We have enjoyed our stay. The hotel, its location on the lake and its culinary offer, we can highly recommend from our own experience. Maybe we will come back once in winter to experience the frozen Lake Weissensee. Who knows?


Seehotel Enzian Weissensee Carinthia
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Source: own research on site. We would definitely like to thank the Genuss Hotels Austria and the Seehotel Enziam am Weissensee for inviting us to this stay. However, our opinions remain our own.

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Hotel full of stories - Seehotel Enzian am Weissensee in Carinthia

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  1. Hi Monika - The hotel really looks like relaxation and tranquility. In the meantime, I think maybe I should go on such a vacation - after my move next week I also earned my living. LG Anke

  2. Oh that sounds really nice rustic. And above all, the story of Mr. Broccoli and the dog Askar make the hotel even more personable, I am convinced, this is really a very nice place.

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    1. Dear Nicole,

      We enjoyed it very much, and not only because of the numerous stories. I especially liked the fact that on the one hand the old hotel wing was preserved, on the other hand it offers really great and modern suites in the outbuilding. The sauna on the lake makes it complete.

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  3. Dear Victoria,

    Yes, that's something special when entire villages travel to another country to continue their traditions there.

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  4. Wow, it looks gorgeous and it's just to my liking - rest :)
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    1. Dear Michaela,

      I'm glad if you like it. Rest is also an important factor for us :) The dog does not live anymore. This James Bond movie has already been around for a few years: D.

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    1. Dear Franzi,

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  6. Beautiful. I really like Austria anyway. The lake seems wonderful and invites you for a walk. Thanks for your contribution.

    1. Thanks, Lisa, for your nice comment. Yes, the Weissensee is worth a detour. We were there for two days, and really enjoyed the time.

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  7. Dear Ones,
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    Not to mention the culinary views that cause hunger on my part.
    Classic wellness but does not offer the house, right?

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    1. Dear Katja,

      There are two parts: the hotel building, which is separated from the lake by a road. And the suite part with its own garden on the lake. There is also the sauna area - but without a huge wellness area, but with a great view directly on the lake. In the sauna area there is an herbal steam bath, a Finnish sauna, and massages are offered.

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