Everything for the Christmas goose - shopping tour for goose food

The perfect roast goose as a Christmas dinner

Hardly anything is as typical as the Christmas goose on the holidays. A Christmas goose brings back memories of childhood. Christmas parties with parents and grandparents. Eating goose was a tradition with us. Even today it is part of our Christmas festival. You can prepare it yourself. Or enjoy in the restaurant.

But first of all we have a recipe for a Christmas goose to eat at home:

Christmas goose in beer sauce

Serves 5 people:

  • 1 goose (approx. 4,4 to 5 kilograms)
  • a large onion
  • 1 tart apple
  • Salt
  • pepper
  • thyme
  • mugwort
  • 100 g sugar
  • 0,33 liters of beer (e.g. Veltins Pils)

Preparation of the Christmas goose for goose dinner at home:

Remove the goose offal. Then wash the goose thoroughly and season with salt. Rub the outside well with salt, pepper and thyme. Fill with a few apple and onion pieces and a sprig of mugwort (mugwort stimulates fat burning and makes the roast more digestible). Caramelize the sugar in a roasting pan and add the remaining apples and onions, pour in about 1/4 liter of water and fry the goose in the oven for 25 minutes at 170 degrees Celsius. Then turn the goose over and cook for another 40 minutes. It is doused several times with beer and the gravy so that an evenly shiny, crispy skin forms. At the end of the cooking time, let the goose rest a little longer at 80 degrees until it can be carved at the table. A tasty goose sauce can be prepared from the roasted meat if you remove the liquid goose fat.
Fit potato dumplings and apple red cabbage.
(Source: djd / Brewery C. & A. Veltins)

You can buy the ingredients in the supermarket, but it is much nicer to buy them directly from the local farmers. This time we spent a few days under the sign of the goose Burgenland. We were invited to a shopping tour that took us through Burgenland via Eisenstadt to Lake Neusiedl. Our route took us to producers who supplied the ingredients for the Christmas goose and our goose meal that we prepared at the end of our trip.

We got to know and tasted delicious, amazing and interesting things on our trip through Burgenland. Follow us on our journey to the Christmas goose in Burgenland.



These geese spend their lives on pasture © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline
These geese spend their lives in the pasture

Where can you order your Christmas goose

In the beginning there is of course the goose. We get these from the largest goose farm in Burgenland, from Herta Schneider in Eisenberg, where My Weidegans enjoying her life. Our first surprise awaits us there. More than 1300 geese approach us curiously. They live in the wild for twenty months in a pasture that is not covered. When I asked why the geese don't fly away, Wolfgang Scheiblauer replied: “You feel at home here. Sometimes they fly over the fence, but they keep coming back. ”They can fly, as they prove to us with chatter and group flights. Unlike fattened geese, which are fed ready for slaughter within a few weeks, the grazing geese in Burgenland leave it to nature to determine how much weight they eat. Most of the time they feed on the grass on their pasture and also receive barley, oats and wheat from their own cultivation.



Cucumber, tomato or beetroot vinegar for goose food
It's hard to choose: cucumber, tomato or beetroot vinegar?

Pumpkin seed oil for roast goose

A few miles away we visit the Family Hirmann in Rudersdorfthat makes vinegar. For our goose, we get pumpkin seed oil here, which the family also produces. However, when we enter their warehouses, the scent of apples almost takes our breath away. The apple varieties, each of which smells different, are stored in the containers. “We have orchards. But what we harvest there is not enough. That is why we buy varieties from other apple growers in the region, ”explains Andrea Hirmann.

Therefore, the warehouse overflows with yellow, red, brightly colored and green apple varieties that are waiting to be processed into vinegar, apple juice or fine brandies. Apples are not the only ingredients the Hirmanns use to make vinegar. In your sales room we discover vinegar made from red wine or white wine, but also from cherry, strawberry, raspberry, pear, apricot, peach, sour cherry, plum or quince. Vegetable vinegars made from cucumber, carrots, pumpkin, beetroot, peppers or tomatoes are also more exotic. There are also vinegar variations made from wild garlic, dark or light beer, nuts or horseradish.



Vegetable ingredients for our goose meal
Vegetable stand at the weekly market in Eisenstadt in Burgenland for the ingredients for our goose meal

Fruit for the filling of the Christmas goose

On Friday we continue to the capital of Burgenland, to Eisenstadt. There we visit the weekly market. The local farmers sell fruit and vegetables. We also get ingredients for our roast goose from the market. There are chutneys made from apricots, apples or plums, liqueurs made from sour cherries or sloes and a cognac made from quince. I find the spruce tip honey interesting. How does it taste? There are also carrots, potatoes, cauliflower, horseradish and other vegetables.



What is the best wine to go with our Christmas goose?
What is the best wine to go with our Christmas goose?

Which wine for Christmas goose?

A glass of wine should not be missing with a Christmas goose. In the house on Kellerplatz in Purbach in the Leithaberg region, we can taste the wines of the region's winemakers. In Burgenland's vinotheque, visitors can use a chip card to pour their own types of wine. A concept that is interesting. You can choose how big the sip should be and how many wines you want to try. In contrast to wine tastings that we usually know, in Purbach this controls a computer system that accounts for the wines individually. When the amount on the chip card is used up, you can simply reload it and continue looking for the wine for the Christmas goose.

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Apple flavor for the goose meal of the Christmas goose
Apple flavor goes well with goose food

What brings the apple flavor to our goose meal?

The rest of the day we spend on the Apfelhof of the Leeb family in St. Andrä am Zicksee. We drive out with Albert Leeb to one of the apple orchards, where he explains to us what to look out for when growing apples. How difficult that is, but also what satisfaction it gives, we quickly realize when we listen to his explanations. Then he pushes baskets into our hands and says: “Now it's your turn. Pick as many apples as you can. ”We are happy to comply with the request, because the taste of the apples goes well with a roast goose. Our Christmas goose is not filled with apples the next day. But for this we take a few bottles of the apple juice that the Leeb family and their team make from their apples. This goes perfectly with a goose meal that we prepare ourselves.



We prepare the Christmas goose

We spend the last day of our trip to the goose in the kitchen of the paprika hostess Ilona Püspök, who does the Landgasthof Altes Brauhaus operates in Frauenkirchen. With the support of your chef Robert, our ingredients are now being prepared for a goose meal. While our goose is seasoned with salt, pepper and marjoram in the oven for about an hour and a half, Robert prepares a mousse from the goose liver, which he then prepares as a starter with pumpkin slices, quince sauce and a cherry sauce Old cherry varieties from the Leitha Mountains served. The main course of our goose meal consists of our Christmas goose with red cabbage and cabbage salad. There are also bread dumplings, quince sauce and lentil vegetables. On our dessert plate we find the Leithaberger cherries, but also an apple cake, apricot sauce and a Somlo'er dumpling. Isn't that a fitting way to end our trip to the goose in Burgenland? What do you all mean?


Goose dinner for Christmas goose
The result of our shopping tour through Burgenland: Eating goose with cabbage


Everything for the Christmas goose
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Source: Research on site at the invitation of Burgenland Tourism. Our opinion remains our own.

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Everything for the Christmas goose - shopping tour for goose food

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