How to experience Vienna sustainably

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Vienna sustainable

How to experience Vienna sustainably

On our trip to the Reisesalon, we found out where you can discover Vienna sustainably. These three Vienna travel tips show you the sustainable Vienna. We stayed in a hotel that is committed to sustainability. Just a few steps away we discovered a shop that sells fresh produce without packaging. There you can shop sustainably in Vienna. A restaurant showed us how good sustainable cuisine can be tasted. All three companies bear the Austrian eco-label and are therefore certified for their sustainability.



Vienna Hotel - sustainable overnight stays in Vienna
Foyer in the Hotel Wilhelmshof - Here you can stay overnight in Vienna sustainably

Experience sustainability in Vienna at the Hotel Wilhelmshof

For us as travelers, the first question that always arises is where we can stay overnight. This time we are invited by the Austrian eco-label. During our stay we should be sustainable companies in Vienna to get to know. That is why we are staying in a hotel that is operated sustainably. The owners of the Hotel Wilhelmshof have consistently rebuilt it according to these principles over the past decades.


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Where to stay sustainably in Vienna
Roman Mayrhofer explains to us what makes Vienna sustainable


We meet with CEO Roman Mayrhofer, who shows us the hotel. Together with his brother Christian he runs the hotel in the third generation. Rarely have I met someone who lives sustainability as intensively as he does. Everything that has been renovated and built in recent years in the hotel, the implementation of the guidelines of the Ecolabel. Therefore, there is a solar system on the roof of the hotel. Therefore, the hotel is largely dispensed with environmentally harmful packaging. That is why one adapts to the individual needs of the employees. The latter was a point that particularly impressed us.



Stay overnight in Vienna sustainably
SuiteART in the Deep Purple Suite at the Hotel Wilhelmshof


Social sustainability is a matter of course

At the hotel reception, students are employed who earn money for their studies. As the timetable at the university changes from semester to semester, working hours are re-divided every six months. I don't always believe everything that is said in an interview. Therefore we also ask the staff. I was particularly impressed by the response from a maid. When I asked how she liked working at the Hotel Wilhelmshof, the answer came straight out of the gun: "I love working here." When I wanted to know why, she explained: "It is up to the owner family. They are so nice. They strive for us. “You can hardly get more praise as a boss, can you?

A hotel where art is very important

Art is also integrated in the Hotel Wilhelmshof. It was important to select local artists for the project. So Ty Waltinger and Adreas Reimann have been tasked with making certain rooms of the hotel completely. They had a free hand in choosing their art. In addition, they should take over the interior of the rooms. There are several suites, where even the ceilings are decorated with artwork. In our room, the furniture and the artwork come over our bed from one of the two artists.

But what I find even more beautiful is what we discover in the mezzanine floors in the staircase. How do you like it?


Staircase Hotel Wilhelmshof


We can highly recommend an overnight stay at the Hotel Wilhelmshof. We really felt comfortable there. If you click on the link, you can book the hotel.

Hotel Wilhelmshof *

Small town alley 4
02. Leopoldstadt
1020 Vienna / Austria

sustainable shopping in Vienna
Where Vienna lives sustainably - in the Maß-Greisslerei Lunzer - fruit and vegetables in the Maß-Greißlerei Lunzer

Sustainable shopping in Vienna

Just a few steps from the Hotel Wilhelmshof there is a shop where fresh produce is sold free of packaging. This is meant seriously. Vegetables, fruits, cereals, nuts, milk, eggs, vinegar, oil, tea, spices, and what else you need for everyday life, there is unpacked to buy here. Also, the amount is not specified. Perfect for singles or couples who do not need large packs. And ideal for those who like to buy exactly what they need for their recipe.


sustainable shopping in Vienna
Nuts from the Greisslerei - to go shopping sustainably in Vienna, it's best to bring cups with you.


While you are always tied to certain quantities in the supermarket, you can take exactly the amount that you need for the current needs. We think that's awesome. Therefore, we look around, what there is to buy here. The assortment is impressive. Among them are fruits from the farmer who supplies them fresh. Sheep meat comes from a farmer in Burgenland. In general, many of the products come from Burgenland. From a pleasure region, which we have already traveled extensively in the past few years. How good their products are, we have experienced ourselves.


Re-use bottles
You can buy bottles for re-use immediately


The packaging-free shopping reminds me of the mom and pop shops from my early teens. Except that here today's young people from the neighborhood come with Tupper bowls and lockable glasses. These are then weighed at the cash register and then filled with what you need: cereal, rice, flour, nuts or marmalade. The right bread is fresh at the counter.


Bulgur, millet, polenta, couscous
Bulgur, millet, polenta and couscous - measured to your liking


Here you can shop sustainably in Vienna

I think it's great! It's just a pity that we are visiting the fair in Vienna. Therefore, we limit ourselves to having a cup of coffee with home-baked cake before moving on to the next sustainable Vienna experience. If you want to buy sustainable food yourself, you can do that at

Lunzers Maß-Greisslerei

Heinestrasse 35
1020 Vienna / Austria


Fancy alcohol-free?
Where Vienna lives sustainability - in the restaurant Labstelle - non-alcoholic?


Experience sustainability in the restaurant in Vienna

Instead of providing us with fresh food in the bespoke grocery store, we are expected in the city center. The “Labstelle” restaurant is just a three-minute walk from St. Stephen's Cathedral. When we arrive at Lugeck, we first have to look around. The restaurant is not large and is hidden in a corner of the square. Then we will discover it. People are already waiting for us. We meet other travel blogger friends there who, like us, visit the travel salon.


Greetings from the kitchen
Greetings from the kitchen
vegetable soup
vegetable soup


A young lady guides us knowledgeably through the dishes of our menu. I find it exciting that she can even tell us where the meat on our plate comes from. Likewise, she tells us that there is game only when the owner of the restaurant was on the hunt and killed a deer. From the forest to the table, so to speak. In general, the selection of ingredients places great emphasis on locally grown produce. Sustainable, even.


Healthy main course
Healthy main course
Cherry dumplings
We shared the cherry dumplings


The best part is - to eat sustainably in Vienna, it tastes delicious. Our tip: don't miss dinner in the Labstelle restaurant in Vienna. We were also told that it is also an excellent place to have breakfast. Maybe next time in Vienna? Don't forget to reserve!


Who can say no to that?
Who can say no to this? - That came as a surprise in the end
Labstelle Vienna

Lugeck 6
1010 Vienna / Austria
Tel +01 236 21 22



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Vienna sustainable
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Source: Research on site. We were invited to this trip by the Umweltzeichen Österreich and the Reisesalon in Vienna. Our opinion remains our own.

Text Vienna sustainable: © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline
Photos Vienna sustainable: © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline and Hotel Wilhelmshof, Vienna

How to experience Vienna sustainably

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  1. Dear Monika,
    a really great report, I'm thrilled. I just wrote a blog post on how easy a more sustainable lifestyle can be in everyday life. May I link you later? I have to go to the lab when I'm in Vienna next time. Thanks for the great tips. LG, Anita

    1. Dear Anita,

      I am very happy if you like our article on sustainable living in Vienna. And of course you can link to it. Let me know how you liked the Labstelle.

      Best regards,

  2. Great contribution. I did not even know the supermarket, even though I live in Vienna. We'll drop by for sure!

    The hotel I think great, but what always surprised me: Why is it so difficult to treat his staff properly? If I were boss, I would do the same, because I know from my own experience: the better I feel at the company, the better my work. And in the end, 6 hours of good work are always better than when I ask for 8 hours because I can stop. Love for the company and appreciation are 75% of all labor. The rest of the 25% is expertise - and it's easy to learn.

    Nice post anyway! :)

    1. Hi Flo,

      nice if I could give you a tip as a Viennese. Let me know how you find the store.

      Best regards,

  3. Hello Monika and Peter,

    what a great occasion to write this article. The hotel looks great and they seem to be doing something right if the staff and guests alike feel comfortable.
    The supermarket reminds me of my father's fruit business, we present the goods without packaging, but it will be delivered in boxes that must then be disposed of again. There is a lot going on in one day.
    Then it still needs customers who are willing to bring a basket, bags, etc. itself. Here is my eighth still the greatest need for action. But the approach is there and that's great.


    1. Dear Victoria,

      What really impressed me about the hotel was the working atmosphere that prevails there. It is not often that an employee of your boss vorschwärmen: D.
      In the food Greißlerei I noticed that many young people shop there. This is certainly partly the fact that there are some university facilities in the area. On the other hand, perhaps also due to the fact that the shop with its small café is a kind of meeting place. Maybe also the name that makes you curious. I think that if you start that right and make it interesting, then a shop can be really successful. In addition, has been reported on the store in several media, which of course also contributes to its prominence.

      Best regards,

  4. These shops, where you can pack the food yourself and take only as much as you really need, I think is great. Unfortunately, there are hardly any shops in my area that have implemented this idea. Although there are many health food stores, but it usually stops here. Too bad ... a pity ... I think sustainability is such an important issue, especially for the future, it will become increasingly important not to buy more than you really need.
    María Rosal (Fernán‐Núñez, Córdoba, 1961) is a complete writer. She has published children's theatre, has received the Andalusian Critics' Award (2004), the Children's Poetry Award (2007) and the José Hierro National Poetry Award for Carmín rojo sangre (2015). Her poetic work has been translated into English, Italian and Greek.<br/> <br/> This is her second book for children in edebé, after the funniest title, El secreto de las patatas fritas.<br/> <br/> Maria has a very funny sense of humour.

    1. We live in the countryside. So far we have not discovered such shops, but we find the idea great. Maybe it only takes a little while before there are such businesses in other regions. It would be nice.

      Best regards,

  5. Dear Monika,

    I was thrilled with the shop with the unpacked food. In the meantime, there is something like that in one or the other German city, but unfortunately it is far too rare. Not only that you can buy suitable quantities, you also saves a lot of packaging waste.


    1. Hello Gina,

      Since we moved from the city to the countryside for a few years, such shops are rare in our country. Here we go rather into the farm shop, to bring us the eggs or other food directly from the farm. That's why it was the first shop of its kind we've met. But he inspired us. I think that's a great concept. Hopefully, this will get even better.

      Best regards,

  6. Hello Monika - Well, if I have to book a hotel sometime in Vienna, you convinced me. But probably nothing in the next few years, I already live there;). I already know the Labstelle, which I think is great. LG Anke

    1. Dear Anke,

      sometimes you also need hotels for friends: D. It is good if you can recommend one to them. Have you ever had breakfast in the labstelle?

      Best regards,

  7. Dear Monika,
    a really admirable concept.
    Of course, as a student, I think it's great that the staff are so attentive to fairness.
    Some can take an example.
    Best regards,

    1. Dear Jessi,

      yes I agree with you. The social acceptability in this hotel really impressed me. The satisfaction of the staff is then automatically transferred to the guests. We felt very comfortable in this ambience.

      Best regards,

  8. Dear Monika,
    again a very nice report. Insanity, that it also manages as a hotel to be sustainable down to the smallest detail. And the rooms are stunning.
    Let's hope it's a concept that will be followed by many other hotels. :)
    Many greetings

    1. Dear Kathia,

      it's like most of the time. You just have to want it. And in this hotel you live the concept of sustainability down to the smallest detail. That impressed us a lot.

      Best regards,

  9. Dear Monika,
    a wonderful report on sustainability, its effectiveness and efficiency.
    Do you mind if I link the report with my experience of Vienna?
    I think my sense journey and your sustainability complement each other wonderfully.

    Best regards,

    1. Dear Katja,

      I am very pleased that you like our report. These were great examples of how to live sustainability. And of course you can link the article. I'm happy about it.

      Best regards,

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