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The Devil's Bridge

Kassel water games in the Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe: what you should know

The city Kassel offers world-class attractions. We visit the Kassel water games in Hesse. It mumbles, bubbles and splashes around us! In the midst of crowds, we're just a few meters below the statue of Hercules stuck and we can no longer move. We are being pushed. Down the stairs. And these are steep. 539 steps from the top of the Karlsberg along the Great Cascade and always wedged between slabs of rock that limit the path to the left and right. Driven forward by thousands of visitors who want what we do. See the Kassel water features in the Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe.


Baroque water features
The Kassel Herkules water features in Northern Hesse

First of all, we are shocked! We do not see anything from the water that pours down the mountain from the pipes just centimeters away, nor from the view of the city of Kassel, which lies below us. Crowds in front of and next to us prevent this. And it doesn't look like that will change, because reversing is impossible.



Baroque water games: crowds in Kassel Wilhelmshöhe
Baroque water games: crowds in Kassel Wilhelmshöhe


Kassel Fountains in the Bergpark Kassel

We have no choice but to let ourselves drift. Therefore, we descend in a group of visitors to the Neptune Plateau. This is where the stairs end. Their number and height shot me in the legs up to this intermediate station. My knees tremble when I stand in front of the baroque part of the water features with its faun and centaur. I hear the roar of the water from their horns. Here I see the water correctly for the first time.

The water, which is collected in reservoirs on the mountain, seeks the way down into the valley via steps. It is rainwater that is collected for this spectacle. Therefore, the water games only take place twice a week. Every Wednesday and Sunday and public holiday at 14.30:1 p.m. between May 3st and October XNUMXrd. In between, the water supply has to be replenished in order to start the Hercules water features on the way to Wilhelmshöhe Castle.


Water features in Kassel Wilhelmshöhe: the landscape axis opens up a view of Kassel
Water features in Kassel Wilhelmshöhe: the landscape axis opens up a view of Kassel


Baroque Water Park Hesse

Instead of a palace, as many of his prince colleagues had built during the absolutist era, Landgrave Carl had a water garden built on Karlsberg in Kassel Wilhelmshöhe. The architect Giovanni Francesco Guerniero from Italy created the upper part of the water park until 1714 and completed it with the erection of the statue of Hercules on the octagon at the top of the Karlsberg. A landscape axis opens below the Neptune plateau and extends into the city of Kassel. An outlook that is second to none! Then for a generation there was an end to the expansion of the water features. Only Carl's grandson Landgrave Friedrich II continued the work. Under his reign, the landscape garden was created, which adjoins below the plateau. It was Friedrich II who opened the central axis, which continues into Wilhelmshöher Allee into the city.


The romantic water features
Baroque water games in Kassel Wilhelmshöhe


Visiting the water features is exhausting

We now follow the crowds of visitors a little more leisurely, because the paths are wider from here. We still have to hurry, because the water flows through each element of the water features in Kassel Wilhelmshöhe for only about ten minutes before it dries up again. We stop at the romantic water features and watch over the heads of the other visitors how the water slowly flows out of the artificially created rock and fills channels that carry it further down.


You need that for a visit

  • Comfortable shoeswhere you can safely walk on stairs and forest floor.
  • Water bottle *, because it gets very hot in summer and there is no way to buy something to drink
  • A backpackwhere you put everything you need for two hours
  • picnic Accessories, because on the meadow below the waterfalls you can do well after the water games Brotzeit do


First view of the Devil's Bridge
The Teufelsbrücke in Kassel Wilhelmshöhe



This time we take the chance and line up in front of the majority of the visitors on our way to the Teufelsbrücke, which in its arch shape is reminiscent of a bridge in the Alps that bears the same name. Below that, the water masses plummet ten meters.


The Devil's Bridge
Trick fountains: The Teufelsbrücke in Kassel Wilhelmshöhe


This section of the park is already a legacy of Landgrave Wilhelm IX, the son of Frederick II and later Elector Wilhelm I. The English Garden and Landscape Park in Kassel Wilhelmshöhe was created under him. The nature of the park is included in the design, and a second water supply is needed to operate this part of the water features.


The natural aqueduct in Kassel Wilhelmshöhe
Water features: The Dehio cascade in Kassel Wilhelmshöhe


Bergpark - the Dehio cascade

Particularly beautiful, because it looks natural, we find the Dehio cascade, which leads the water down steps and boulders into the valley. Surrounded by deciduous trees, it splashes down the mountain like a stream. However, this vision of a stream is interrupted shortly afterwards by a waterfall over the demolition of the aqueduct. The water plunges thirty meters down here and offers a sight that takes your breath away.



The highlight is the fountain

All of the water gathers in the fountain pond behind the castle, where it brings about the high point of the fountains in Kassel Wilhelmshöhe via a complex system: the most powerful fountain in a garden in Europe that shoots up to 50 meters without any technical aids. The cheers of the audience gathered by the pond three centuries ago still pay tribute to the garden architects for a masterpiece of baroque horticultural art. The tension that has built up over almost two hours is discharged in enthusiastic applause.


The 50 meter high fountain in Kassel Wilhelmshöhe
Baroque water features: The 50 meter high fountain in Kassel Wilhelmshöhe


And after two exhausting hours in which the water has driven us down the mountain, we realize that you simply have to experience the water features to appreciate the masterpieces of these architects. Even the landgraves and electors who had them built, always opened them to the common people. It should participate in these games. The fascination with this has not changed to this day.

You should know this before you look at the water features in Bad Wilhelmshöhe:

  • You walk with the water that comes out of each attraction for about ten minutes. Comfortable shoes are highly recommended.
  • It is best to go to the Neptune Plateau before opening the watercourses at 14.30, waiting for the water to run
  • Afterwards it is best to go straight to the “romantic waterfalls” and wait for the water to come. It will take some time, but you have the best view of the gushing water.

You can get help here

  • Who gets problems on the way (because exhausting is the whole thing), can turn to a park supervision. They have radio and can call for help if necessary. Mobile phones do not work in many places on the mountainside. During our visit, we heard several times the ambulance transporting people with fainting spells.

Plan ahead

  • You easily lose yourself in the crowds. Therefore, you should arrange a meeting place before the start of the water games, where you meet again, in case you should be separated on the way.
  • Guided tours are offered explaining the development of the landscape garden. These are chargeable. You can also watch the water games on your own (free) and just run after the crowds. However, the individual attractions are not all in a straight line behind and among each other, but here you have to know where to go.
  • We had our car at the parking lot (fee) at the Herkules terraces and after the water games with the bus 23 (departure about 750 m footpath below the castle Kassel Wilhelmshöhe) drove back to pick it up. The bus ride is free with the My Card Plus.



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Travel Tips:

Restaurant Herkulesterrassen

Before the start of the water games you can have a good lunch break in this restaurant. The view of Kassel is worth the visit alone. However, if you plan to, you should reserve a table, because on the days of the water games, the restaurant is filled to the last seat. Alternatively, it's worth it Brotzeit in der Lunch box im backpack .

We stayed at the three star hotel

Swiss court *

Wilhelmshoeher Allee 288
Bad Wilhelmshoehe
34131 Kassel

The hotel is conveniently located below the Bergpark Kassel Wilhelmshöhe at Wilhelmshöher Allee. It is a modern business hotel with large, pleasantly bright and practical rooms with Wi-Fi, which could be a bit more powerful. A hotel parking lot is available (fee required). Breakfast buffet is offered. And for dinner, we recommend a short walk in an old part of Kassel, in which there are still many half-timbered houses.

In this hotel you get the

My Card Plus
This leisure card is a gift of the participating hotels and includes admission to all participating leisure facilities in the GrimmHeimat, as well as free travel on the buses and trains in the North Hessian transport network.

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Travel Arrangements:

Arrival by train or bus

Lufthansa and numerous other airlines fly to Frankfurt or Hanover. You can also travel by train: Timetable and booking*. The Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe ICE train station is conveniently located. information about local transport links is here. Also drive Long-distance buses * to Kassel.

Car Rentals:

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Camping in Kassel:

The Kassel mobile home site is located at Giesenallee 7, 34121 Kassel. A Rent a motorhome you can here. With our Motorhome packing list you never forget anything again. Or would you rather stay in one roof tent on the car?

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Kassel Wilhelmshöhe
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Kassel Wasserspiele - You should know this, before you visit them
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