Lilienfeld Abbey Hiking - Muckenkogel & Klosteralm

Petar in the collegiate park of Lilienfeld

At Stift Lilienfeld hiking on the Muckenkogel

We were at Stift Lilienfeld im Mostviertel hike. The area around the Cistercian monastery is ideal for a holiday in Austria with hiking for connoisseurs. During a walk through the monastery park and one Hike on the Muckenkogel to the Klosteralm we visit the surroundings of the Cistercian monastery in Lower Austria.


Gnarled old trees in the monastery park
Gnarled old trees in the Stiftspark - Stift Lilienfeld hiking

A walk in the collegiate park

Even the Abbey Park near the Cistercian monastery invites you for a walk. Here is Abt Ambros Becziczka in 19. Century to convert the former Tiergarten into a park with exotic trees. He imported new trees and shrubs from all over the world year after year. Among the plants of the park you will find a californian sequoia as well as a gingko tree. I discover a Sitka spruce and Douglas fir that I look out for Alaska know. In the undergrowth I see magnolias and even a tulip tree, as in Africa to grow. You will find plants such as a Japanese Katsura tree or a mulberry tree here as well as dogwood plants. This includes the Dirndlstrauch, which blooms pretty in the spring. A walk through this mountainside is like walking through the exotic plants of the world.


Stift Lilienfeld Hiking in the Stiftspark
Stift Lilienfeld Hiking in the Stiftspark



Paths wind their way up the mountain in serpentines. In between there are always places that invite you to take a break. Halfway up there is a temple on the mountainside, and at the highest point of the park a pavilion watches over the park area. These buildings are signs of exoticism, which is also expressed in the choice of plants. Nevertheless, the park does not give the impression of an artificially created facility. Rather, it looks like a naturally grown forest with its paths.


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With the chairlift on the Muckenkogel

From Lilienfeld you can reach the summit of the Muckenkogel on foot or with the Muckenkogel chair lift. We choose the ride on the chairlift. On the one hand, because we don't like to hike uphill, on the other hand, because the ride on the chairlift is an adventure in itself. Here we go up in single armchairs on the mountain slope. A test of courage for people with a fear of heights. The ride goes past rock faces. Every now and then I catch a glimpse of the hiking trail that leads through the forest below the lift. In a clearing I even see a deer grazing. If you want to go up the mountain on foot, you will find one here Directions for the hike on the Muckenkogel.


Across alpine meadows to the Klosteralm from Stift Lilienfeld on the Muckenkogel
Stift Lilienfeld walk to Klosteralm


Lilienfeld's local mountain is 1248 meters high. From above you have views of the Vienna Woods, the Traisental and Lilienfeld Abbey. In the sun you have a view of four monasteries. Gottweig Abbey, Lilienfeld Abbey, Melk Abbey and Herzogenburg Abbey. To the north you can see as far as the Danube. To the south we look at the Alps. At the top we reach a high plateau. Its pastures belong to the Lilienfeld Abbey.


Klosteralm on the Muckenkogel
Klosteralm - hiking near Lilienfeld Abbey


Hiking at Lilienfeld Abbey to the Klosteralm

Although we are here at the end of June, it is still fresh on the summit of the Muckenkogel. The wind ensures temperatures at the summit of the Muckenkogel that are cooler than the early summer temperatures in the valley suggest. We are therefore glad that the way to the Klosteralm is not far. On the way there we walk across the alpine pasture. Those who want it more comfortably choose the gravel path. This leads from the mountain station of the Muckenkogel lift down the mountain to the Alm.

The Klosteralm has been around since the Middle Ages. At that time the Muckenkogel hut was managed as a grangie. It is an estate complex that has been farmed. These were often found in Cistercian monasteries. In the Middle Ages, the Cistercians often received land as gifts. They handed this over to lay brothers for cultivation. They received support from the cloister and wage workers. However, they were responsible to the abbot or cellarer of the monastery for running the property.


Hearty meat dumplings on sauerkraut
Meat dumplings on sauerkraut - that gives you strength for hiking at Stift Lilienfeld


Lunch in the Klosteralm

Today, however, the Klosteralm is leased and offers hikers and skiers a hut as a rest stop. A menu that is impressive awaits the guest when entering the Alm. The menu is listed on a slate. The choice is considerable. In addition to soups, there is everything from stew dishes such as potato goulash and lentils of bacon with bread dumplings to smoked meat and roast pork with dumplings. The prices are also cheap. For a soup you pay 2,80 euros. The most expensive main course, the Klosteralm plate with roast pork, smoked meat, cabbage, meat dumplings, bread dumplings and sausages, costs just 12 euros. Vegetarians can choose chanterelle sauce with bread dumplings.


Practical for hiking at Lilienfeld Abbey


Hiking near Lilienfeld Abbey:

  • Auf dem Mathias Zdarsky Panorama Trail You go on a circular route from the mountain station of the chairlift back to the mountain station. The path leads via Muckenkogel and Hinteralm over the Black Forest and Klosteralm. Duration: about 2,5 hours
  • The Mathias Zdarsky Inventor Trail also shows you the inventions of the ski pioneer on a circular trail. Duration: approx. 1 hour
  • The waterfall path goes from the mountain station to the Klosteralpe and the Lilienfelder Hütte. From there you then follow forest paths to the small and large waterfalls. The path ends at the valley station of the chairlift. Duration: approx. 2 hours
  • Auf dem Waterfall climbing you start at the valley station of the Lilienfeld chairlift. You follow the blue path marking. Walking time: 1,5 hours; Route length: approx. 1,5 km; The path finally ends at the Lilienfelderhütte.
  • The Jägersteig starts at the Lindenbrunntalbrücke and goes to Freiland train station. Walking time: 3 hours. From there you can also follow the Mathias Zdarsky circular hiking trail. Walking time varies individually. Trail marking: yellow; Route length: approx. 1,4 km
  • The Father Exinger way starts at the crossing Friedhofsgasse / Höhenstraße. He goes into the silent valley. Trail marking: yellow. Walking time: 40-50 minutes. Distance: approx. 2 km
  • The Mathias Zdarsky circular route begins and ends at the Lilienfeld district home museum. Trail marking: red. Walking time: 11 hours. Route length: 15 km



After hiking at Stift Lilienfeld, however, we take the chairlift back down into the valley. This time we are not looking at the rocks and the forest. Facing the valley, we take the chairlift down. This opens up a view of Lilienfeld Abbey.

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Hike on the Muckenkogel
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Lilienfeld Abbey Hiking - Muckenkogel & Klosteralm

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