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5 wine places for a wine weekend in the Main Valley

Excursion tip Austria and Bavaria - wine towns in Franconia for a wine weekend
Wine towns in Franconia - Ripe grapes

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Five wine locations in Franconia for a wine weekend in Franken? When the winegrowers harvest their grapes in autumn, it becomes exciting in the wine regions. How was the summer How much sun did the grapes get? How will the new year be? A wine of the century, or rather middle class? These questions and more keep winegrowers busy at the end of summer. Then they like to celebrate. The beginning of the vintage. The first wines of the year. But also the end of the fear. Now is the time when the grapes are harvested. This is worth a feast. Guests are welcome. Wine and pleasure can be enjoyed in the wine country Franconia. The same goes for the course Heckenwirtschaftenin which you have the You can taste wine in a cozy environment with regional specialties, such as an "onion block", directly from the winemaker, That's why a wine weekend in September or October is a lot of fun.

Wine weekend on the Mainschleife - wine towns in Franconia
Mainschleife - wine towns in Franconia for a wine weekend

Franconian wine country places for your wine weekend

Franconian wine towns on the Main are perfect for a wine weekend for connoisseurs in Bavaria. In summer and autumn, the residents of the Mainschleife near Würzburg like to celebrate their way of life and their wines. They invite you to wine festivals in the towns on the Main. A visit to the wine shops is also worthwhile. There you can learn about the wines of the Main Region inform. Some even offer courses in which you can acquire special wine knowledge. The best thing is the wine tasting and wine festivalsthat you best combine with the enjoyment of Franconian specialties. Then it works out with the experience of the wine towns in the Main Valley in Franconia, That means traveling and enjoying in Franconia. The cities on the Main are worth a visit.

Winery with overnight stay for a wine holiday on the Main

We present five wine locations in Franconia. There are wine towns around Würzburg. They are located in the wine region of Mainfranken and are close enough that you can comfortably explore them in two to three days. The driving routes between the villages are not far, so there is enough time to take a closer look at the Franconia wine region. Above all, you can enjoy them at leisure. You need them for such a trip to the wineries in Mainfranken. Not only to drink wine, but also to let the atmosphere of these wine towns in Franconia affect you. What could be nicer in a wine region than tasting the wines of the local winegrowers with regional specialties. We start ours Travel along the Main in

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Landsknecht, councilor and wine prince from Volkach press the first grapes - wine weekend wine towns in Franconia
Landsknecht, councilman and wine princess from Volkach press the first grapes - a date for a wine weekend?

Franconian wine towns for a wine holiday in Franconia


Volkach is a Franconian wine village on the Mainschleife and only a few kilometers away from the Maininsel. On this thrive delicious red and white wines. In addition, the wines are particularly good on the steep slopes on the other side of the Main. There, the grapes get a lot of sun. Volkach is a historic wine-growing village, where wine has been produced for centuries. He owns a worth seeing market place. At this place are some restaurants where you can taste your first Franconian wines. Best with an onion bread or Franconian sausages. Especially nice is a visit to Volkach, when wine festivals take place. The Volkacher know how to celebrate their wine and themselves. They do that, for example

Map of Volkach


Volkach Wine Festival for a wine weekend at the Mainschleife Wine towns in Franconia
Wine Festival Volkach on the Mainschleife - perfect for a wine weekend, right?


The town of Sommerach on the Main Island is smaller. He was awarded the gold medal several times in the competition "Our village should become more beautiful", as well as in the "Entente Florale", where he received the highest award for his floral decoration. Town houses and half-timbered houses give Sommerach a very special ambience. Worth a visit is the wine shop of the place, the Winzerkeller Sommerach. There you can not only taste wines. You can take wine tours through the vineyards. Fascinating is the wine school, where you can learn a lot of interesting things about wine. Or do you fancy a cooking class where you learn which wine best suits which food? Also in Sommerach you celebrate the wine. This is how it happens every year

  • Pentecost Wine Festival (canceled for 2020)
  • Experience & Enjoy 2020 is not applicable
  • Wine festival style & fascination Sommerach in July (canceled for 2020)

Map of Sommerach


Winzerkeller Sommerach wine locations in Franconia for a wine weekend
Winzerkeller Sommerach - wine locations in Franconia for a wine weekend


The city of Ochsenfurt am Main is not only worth a visit for the wine. The city describes itself as the “City of Towers”. This is because the city wall of Ochsenfurt is almost completely preserved. City gates and towers still watch over the city and give it a medieval flair. The New Town Hall from the 15th century and the magnificent half-timbered houses in the city center also contribute to this. With its two breweries, the city is not only popular with wine lovers. But of course Ochsenfurt also celebrates the wine:

  • at the German-Italian-French Wine Festival (July 23.07.2021, 25.07.2021 - July XNUMX, XNUMX)

Map of Ochsenfurt


Town Hall of Ochsenfurt
Town Hall of Ochsenfurt

Würzburg am Main wine region

Although Würzburg is a larger city, wine plays an important role there. This goes back to the time of the archbishops. These grew wine on their estates along the Main. But the hospitals of the city also made a name for themselves with their wines. In the citizen hospital, you can enjoy wine in the courtyard of the historic building as it has done for centuries. The Juliusspital also owns a vineyard today. This is now making a splash as a VDP winery with its excellent wines. On the slopes of the Main in and around Würzburg grows the Würzburger Stein, a grape variety for which the city is known. There are many wine festivals in Würzburg:

  • The Kelterhallen Wine Festival (postponed)
  • The Culture Days at the winery Juliusspital (08.05.-23.05.2021)
  • The Würzburger wine village (28.5.-08.6.2021)
  • The Civil Hospital-Hofschoppenfest (03.-12.09.2020)
  • The Hofgarten wine festival (25.06. - 04.07.2021)
  • Wein am Stein unplugged (July 08th - 22nd, 2021)
  • Wein am Stein 2021 (July 08-21.07.2021, XNUMX)
  • Wine parade on the market square (August 26 to September 5, 2021) (next dates: August 25 to September 4, 2022, August 31 to September 10, 2023 - no guarantee)

Map of Wurzburg


Fancy a wine weekend in the Würzburg wine region

Miltenberg for a wine weekend

For the last wine town on the Main on our wine weekend in the Franconian wine country, we first leave the river banks and drive to Miltenberg on the Main in Churfranken, Miltenberg is especially interesting for wine lovers, because here - in contrast to the previously mentioned wine places - more red wine is grown. The region owes this to the loam and clay-rich Buntsandsteinböden and the situation in the basin between the Odenwald and the Spessart. This kettle layer ensures a particularly mild climate. Therefore, Burgundy wines grow under perfect conditions on the main slopes around Miltenberg. Of course, Miltenberg also celebrates the wine.

  • Wine culture night Bürgstadt 2021
  • Wine autumn 2020 canceled

Map of Miltenberg


Miltenberg at Schnatterloch
Miltenberg at Schnatterloch

Our tip for a wine weekend in these Franconian wine villages on the Main? Take time for enjoyment. These places offer good wine and interesting sights. All you can not visit on a weekend. Choose those who make you curious, and come back next year.

Travel Arrangements

Arrival to your wine weekend

The nearest airports are Frankfurt or Nuremberg. It is also possible to travel by train or bus (to Würzburg).

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A wine weekend on the Main
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