Hike through the Pesenbachtal

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Summer hike through the Pesenbachtal


You should know that before a hike through the Pesenbachtal:

  • The hike is partly alpine in character. Therefore, surefootedness, footwear for mountain trails and fitness are necessary.
  • Starting point: Bad Mühllacken. Parking spaces are available at the Waldbad.
  • Refreshments: the pop host  (behind the Schlagerhütte - a shelter - a path branches off to the Schlagerwirt)

Sights on the way:

  • The blue lane (rock deposits make the stream glow blue at this point.)
  • A source of radioactivity
  • The candle stone (granite rocks that lie on top of each other)
  • Map for the hike from Bad Mühllacken
  • Difference in altitude: Bad Mühllacken 278 m, Kerzenstein 470 m, Schlagerwirt 390 m



The hike through the Pesenbach valley in Upper Austria lured us. Witches and devils are said to have been up to mischief there. However, there are also talk of shamans and healers. At our Visit to Bad Mühllacken in spring we already sniffed into this brook valley. The memory of it left us with no rest. It made us curious. Therefore, we set out in midsummer to take a closer look at this valley.


Petar on our hike through


Hike through the Pesenbachtal

On a midsummer day we set out at morning temperatures. From the Kurhaus in Bad Mühllacken we start our hike through the Pesenbachtal in Mühlviertel. My fears that we will soon lose our appetite at temperatures around 30 ° quickly turn out to be a fallacy. On the contrary, the rush of the stream and the deciduous trees make the path pleasantly refreshing. In addition, there is a mild wind that keeps moving the canopy over us. Even if it gets warmer during the day, the trees protect us from the sun's rays. We also find places in between where we can step into the water of the stream. This way we keep refreshing our feet.


What you should pack for a hike through the Pesenbachtal in the Mühlviertel

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Block stones as places of power on our hike through


On our hike through the Pesenbachtal we see a place of pre-Christian healers

We stay in the Kneipp spa house in Bad Mühllacken. From there we take a description of the hiking trail with us. From this we learn what significance the places of power had along our route. Even in pre-Christian times, healers practiced their art in this valley. This is what legends and legends indicate. The Brunoquelle is named after a squire suffering from leprosy who passed this spot on his way back from a crusade. He was already at the end of his strength when the healing power of the water freed him from his illness.


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The Pesenbach
The Pesenbach on our hike through the Pesenbachtal


Legends of devils and the other world on our hike through the Pesenbachtal

The stories that are told about the back of the hiking trail are even more exciting. The path between the Schlagerwirt and the Kerzenstein becomes more impassable. Roots and stones make it more difficult. Here you need sturdy hiking shoes with which you can walk this part of the trail safely. This section of the Pesenbach valley used to be reserved for shamans and healers of pre-Christian times. Apparently, a ceremonial path led from the Gaißkirche, a stone formation, through the Pesenbachtal to the candle stone. Reports of the "Wild Hunt" between Martini and Dreikönig are based on this. Then a tremendous storm rose and dogs could be heard barking, goats blaring, roosters crow and whips cracking as people drove out the devil.



At places in the valley, the water of the Pesenbach flows down through whirlpool holes and over waterfalls. There people tried in pre-Christian times to make contact with the otherworld. Such places were reserved only for trained shamans. For normal mortals, however, these places were taboo. The devil also appears again and again in the legends. He is said to have liked to bathe in the devil's tub. One day a young girl caught him doing it. Since he could not harm the innocent child, he drove down with anger. He has not been seen since then.

The mysterious world at the upper Pesenbach is best shown by Petar's video (just click on the photo and you get to Petar's video):


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Modern healers in the Pesenbachtal

Even today, the Pesenbachtal is in the sign of healing. The Kneipp Traditionshaus in Bad Mühllacken incorporates the valley and its water into its treatment methods. From the Brunoquelle, the water is bottled fresh every day in glass bottles and taken to the Kurhaus. There it is served for dinner. It is also used for baths, castings and wraps. Thereby it supports the cleaning processes. Several times a week hikes are offered. The participants do Wyda exercises. Wyda is a kind of Celtic yoga, It has been handed down for centuries in Celtic families. So the harmony between body and mind is restored. Our hike through the Pesenbachtal valley helps us to switch off. There is no trace of stress here. The hike through the Pesenbachtal was definitely a lot of fun for us.

If you yourself want to try the hike through the Pesenbachtal, you can do that and join the:

Sisters of Mary of Carmel stay.
Bad Mühllacken 55
4101 Feldkirchen / Danube
(T) + 43 (7233) 7215-0


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Hike in the Pesenbach valley
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Source: own research on site. We would definitely like to thank the Kneipp traditional house in Bad Mühllacken for inviting us to this trip. However, our opinions remain our own.

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Hike through the Pesenbachtal

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